Revirsible Bucket Hat in Bandhani and Organic Shibori


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Reversible hand block print bucket hats in bandhani and organic shibori

Bandhani: Bandhani is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Banda’ which means to tie. The art of Bandhani is a highly skilled process that involves dyeing a fabric which is hand tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns.
Our Bandhani is made using only natural dyes by Khamir crafts, who support traditional textile techniques and the livelihood of textile artisans across Gujarat.

Organic Shibori: These garments are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.
The fabric is hand-dyed in Shibori Tie Dye patterns using natural dyes extracted from plants and natural indigo.
No chemicals, zero waste and sustainable.

100% Cotton